Bathroom Renovation DIY

Renovating your bathroom can really add value to your home and improve the quality of your life.You do not have bathroom-renovation-diyto spend a fortune to renovate your bathroom and there are actually different projects you can do yourself. Here are a few bathroom renovation DIY projects that will make this room look better.

  • Replace The Light Fixtures

This isn’t something you can do yourself if you need to install new wiring. However, replacing an existing light fixture without having to install new wiring is very easy. All you have to do is remove the old fixture and install a new one. You can easily connect the new fixture to the wire and should be able to screw the new fixture in place.

  • Add A Vanity

Replacing an old sink can be complicated but you can make your old sink look new by building a vanity or by installing one around it. You can actually re-purpose an old dresser or a console into a bathroom vanity by cutting a hole for the sink. This is a great way to remodel your bathroom if you want to hide the sink column and need to add more storage space under the sink.

  • Replace The Flooring

Bathroom flooring can become damaged by water or simply fade over the years. Tearing up old flooring and installing new one is easy as long as you choose a material like vinyl. You can easily cut vinyl to fit your bathroom floor or choose to install vinyl tiles. This is an easy bathroom renovation DIY project as long as you are comfortable with removing flooring and with cutting vinyl.

  • Paint The Walls

This is another very easy DIY project that will really transform your bathroom. Prepare the walls with a good primer and paint the walls with a new color. You can use stencils to create original designs and patterns or even add trim. If you would rather not paint the walls, applying wallpaper is something you can do yourself.

  •  Make Small Changes

You can completely transform your bathroom by focusing on details. You can renovate your bathroom by choosing a color pattern or a theme and by making sure every detail is in accordance with this theme. You can for instance replace the knobs on your bathroom vanity, add some towel bars, install a new toilet paper dispenser and replace your shower curtain. Add some decor elements that go with this theme and shop for a new mirror. These small changes do not require a lot of work and can really transform the way your bathroom looks.

These DIY projects can be used to renovate your bathroom without going over budget. You can do wonders with a few simple things if you work with a central theme and take the time to shop around to find the right materials and accents for your bathroom. Ask yourself what you would like your bathroom to look like before you get started!